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To give you a brief overview of how different size batteries can used on a day-to-day:

Up to 5.0kWh Storage
To capture the excess solar energy generated in the daytime so you can use it in the evening.

5.0kWh Storage or more
Charge up overnight with any spare storage space when energy prices are typically cheaper. You can then use this in the daytime when it would otherwise be higher rates.

What battery is Right For Me?
This all comes down to your current usage and what you want to achieve going ahead. We can help you with this.  

Add to an existing battery system

Feeling like it's time for an energy upgrade? If you've already taken the first step of getting a Solar PV System with battery storage, here's a thought: why not take it to the next level by adding another battery into the mix? It's like giving your energy setup a power-packed boost!

Think about it – more batteries mean more storage capacity. And what does that mean for you? It's all about energy independence. You'll be waving goodbye to the reliance on the National Grid and saying hello to a setup that's got your back, rain or shine.

What battery system do I need?
We take pride in providing the finest range of solar batteries in the industry, accompanied by competitive prices. Whether you need an upgrade to an existing battery system or a retrofit installation, we have you covered. Please note that the installation of a batteryalone or in conjunction with a home solar PV system is subject to 0% VAT.

Sample projectSample projectSample project

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